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  • What is the attention hour?
    Our customer service hours are from 9 am to 7 pm, likewise we receive reservations 24 hours a day.
  • Hours and Location
    Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, where we introduce you to the extraordinary world of Sail and Explore!
  • Can I visit you and make the reservation in person?
    For now, we do not have a physical office in Tamarindo. If you need it, we can arrange an appointment.
  • By chance, do you also include fishing tour as well?
    We do not officially offer fishing tours however if you are looking for nothing professional you can bring your own fishing rod and have fun.
  • Does your company offer transportation?
    We do not include the pick-up service; this can be requested through the reservation process as an extra service with an additional cost of $100.
  • I wanted to find out where exactly the private morning tour goes.
    Generally, the morning tour as well as the sunset tour have the same visit itinerary, although the time changes according to your choice. We start from Tamarindo sailing offshore towards Cabo Velas where we make our stop of 1 hour or more at one of the available beaches, Playa Huevo or Playa Conejo generally, located in Punta Conejo, Cabo Velas. You can see more details of each tour in the Itinerary section.
  • I want to know if you do any kind of birthday or graduation setups?
    We are pleased that you choose us as part of your experience on such a special day. Feel free to express your wishes, we will be happy to help and when you do not require something very elaborate, we can prepare some decoration and we’ll be happy to offer a cake.
  • What happens if the weather cuts our trip short? are there any partial refunds?
    We always review the important aspects of the weather to consider before leaving to avoid risk situations, even so it is likely that at least once a year, especially on rainy days, the weather may worsen after setting sail and although it is not necessary to return, we will always consider the opinion of the client for your peace of mind. In case of return before the agreed time, no refund will be made. You can read more about it in our policies section.
  • What happens if the weather forces us to cancel?
    Please read all our policies
  • Do you guys have any recommendations as to whether a morning or afternoon charter would be better with regards to weather?
    It is very likely that during the rainy season it will be present with more magnitude during the afternoon, so if you have any doubts, our recommendation for these days would be the option of the morning tour from 8 am to 12 noon.
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